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 Structural Expressionist Tower For Perth, Oz

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Structural Expressionist Tower For Perth, Oz Empty
PostSubject: Structural Expressionist Tower For Perth, Oz   Structural Expressionist Tower For Perth, Oz I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 07, 2010 5:21 pm

Structural Expressionist Tower For Perth, Oz

A proposal has been put forward for a new skyscraper in City Square, Perth, Australia called the Biliton Tower.

The chosen location at 125 St Georges Terrace has long been an infamous black hole in the city's central business district and has been left a void for over 15 years.

The tower which will stand at an estimated 250 metres high, is the work of the developer, the Multiplex Group, who have hired architects Hassell and Fitzpatrick to design this spec headquarters on behalf of BHP Billiton, an internationally renowned leader in the resources industry. They plan to locate all their Western Australian operating divisions to the tower, that will host Perth's tallest spire on completion.

The glass and steel of the towers facade will allow the building to have a visibly expressed structure that sets it apart from its more uniform box-like neighbours. Diagonal beams are featured on the sides of the tower coloured white to contrast with the deep blue reflective glass they are layered over whilst it is the cross-bracing that continues past the roof creating a triangular structural feature that culminates in a spire.

The design will allow for plenty of natural lighting making office work a little more bearable and will more than likely feature the usual facilities we have grown accustomed to seeing in skyscrapers these days.

The tower will have approximately 65,000 square metres of premium office space of which BHP Billiton will occupy 60%, it is unsure who will occupy the remaining 40%.The estimated value of the tower will be is $550 million Australian dollars.

Surrounding decrepit buildings also stand to benefit if the go ahead is given. Buildings such as the original Newspaper House and the Treasury building will finally be restored to their former glory, breathing new life into the long neglected district and maybe encouraging more tourists to explore some of the fascinating architecture.

Presuming the design get the go-ahead, work is hoped to begin in 2008 with a completion date somewhere in 2011.

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Structural Expressionist Tower For Perth, Oz
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