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 My team give advice also i need a LOT of help =) please help me

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should starraptor be altria the dragon/flying type
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your choice
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other pok'emon
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keep starraptor
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*shadow mist*

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PostSubject: My team give advice also i need a LOT of help =) please help me   Fri Jan 01, 2010 12:51 am

hey guys this is my team so far but i can't beat elite four on pokemon platinum i know i need to lv up and evolve monferno to infernape and lv up almost ALL of my team so yah i need adivce on just my basic team a star rating and non cheat traing help and elite four help. wow i need a LOT of help. lol! so here is my team

Arrow Arrow Arrow torterra level 39 moves razor leaf, earthqake, rock climb, bite item earth plate
my prized mismagiuis lv 76 moves shadow ball, phywave, dark pulse,psybeam item spooky plate
starraptor lv 46 move defog,fly,airial ace,wing attack item none
monferno lv 34 moves scracth, mach punch, flame wheel,ember item flame plate
anthor of my prized pokemon enploeon lv 68 moves surf,metal claw,waterfall,surf item mystic water
last but never least luxray lv 51 moves bite,thunder fang,crunch,spark item dread plate

flower thanks for commenting that was long flower
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PostSubject: Re: My team give advice also i need a LOT of help =) please help me   Mon Aug 16, 2010 9:44 pm

your team is really pretty strong. but you are missing 2 key factors.

1: your monferno. he is WAY to o weak to be fighting the E4

2: you have no ice or dragon moves! the Garchomp at the end with DESTROY you!!! even your award winning Empoleon will still get killed! get a good Ice or dragon move on a fast guy!
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My team give advice also i need a LOT of help =) please help me
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